Fintech Solutions OU (FSS) is a young, ambitious fintech company. Being in the market since 2017 we are focused on helping businesses to create, upgrade, edit and improve their business strategies and procesess, analytics and marketing needs.

By focusing on fintech industry we are also able to provide blockchain research and development and IT solutions for growing businesses. Payment gateways and finding a proper payment provider is also our specialisation.

We provide fully serve in advertising campaigns on mobile devices, we can provide branding and promotion services for your product, according to the marketing strategy developed by our marketing specialists and consultants. Since 2017, Fintech Solutions OU (FSS) has been providing marketing, IT and development services in fintech sector.

One of the main directions is mobile advertising. Due to the fact that we have connected all the major providers of mobile traffic and RTB Exchange, we can quickly launch advertising campaigns for the client to his needs. There is no need to register dozens of accounts and create accounts everywhere, coordinate placement on each site, spend time on routine procedures that we have long gone. Together with the FSS, you save time and money, as well as get quality support and advice at all stages of your project.
Let the numbers speak.
We always aim to make our partners and clients sucsessfull, that is how we become sucseffull too.
3 years
Our company was founded in 2017 and still we are a young and ambitious company.
7 projects
Number of realised and successful finished huge projects from 2017 till 2019
12 mobile pltaforms
Best partners connected to FSS to provide efficient and seamless mobile ADV campaigns
>2M Euro
More than 2 000 000 EURO in turnover for the last 2 years, only on advertising.