"We are more than happy to offer our specific business services"
- MAKSIM USHAKOV (Managing Director)
Business Analytics
GAP analysis
A method for analyzing the GAP between the existing system and the functionality and the target system. Here, the gap means the number of tasks or changes that may be required to obtain the desired/better result.
> EUR 1500
Prioritization of requirements is the process of distributing requirements based on the urgency of a business across different stages, schedule, cost, etc.
> EUR 1850
BRD (Business Requirements Document)
This is a high-level functional software specification. This is an official document to describe the requirements provided by the client (written, oral). A business analyst creates it after interacting directly with customers. It is based on requirements and customer interactions.
> EUR 2500
Marketing strategy
Creating a company's marketing strategy based on a product, service, project, brand promotion or reputation improvement. Development of project documentation with step-by-step steps to implement a marketing strategy in a company based on customer requirements.
> EUR 2200
Marketing campaign
In the social sciences, a social group has been defined as two or more people who interact with one another, share similar characteristics, and collectively have a sense of unity.
> EUR 2500
SEO Optimisation
Building a semantic core, creating a proper site structure, content writing, optimising website pages, analytics integration.
> EUR 1750
Fintech & Blockchain research / development
Technology Implementation Analysis
Analysis of the company's business processes for the purpose of implementing blockchain technology to optimise work processes. Implementing a distributed ledger in various business processes: management, finance, document management and other potential departments of the organisation.
> EUR 7500
Payment gateway
Search and connection of required payment options, fiat, cryptocurrency payments, various payment systems.
> EUR 1990
Development and implementation of IT solutions basically in the field of Fintech industry according to the customer's technical specifications, including the development of API solutions, implementation of blockchain technology, software development, building complex databases, the search and dug fixing in ready to go products.
> EUR 10500