We help businesses to efficiently organize advertising in mobile applications, build strong marketing strategy, understand how to plan and analyse business and even more, wherever you are
What problems will FSS solve?
Save up to 15% of your total Budget. Personal meetings, a huge number of suppliers and even short negotiations can take a lot of time.
Due to the large volume of advertising purchases, we will make you the best price offer
After placing the order, you will only need to agree on advertising layouts, we will do the rest.
Have You known?
In 2017 global mobile advertising spending – $107 billion
In 2018 global mobile advertising spending – $166 billion
Forecast, 2019 global mobile advertising spending– $195.5 billion
Why Mobile Advertising?
Mobile Ads brings together best-in-class technology in a single platform, so you can gain new real users and maximize your ad revenue. No longer will you have to rely on a combination of tools or use precious development resources to build your own solution.
FSS Ads providers
I always have a very tight schedule and a lot of travel. The guys always know what's going on in my advertising campaign. Just working on the project, I solved the issue of attracting new customers using FSS.
Anastasia Kozina
Professional Makeup Artist
Working in a large corporation, it's harder to keep everything under control. So this is the perfect service for us.
Mary Provinta
Marketing Manager
I like this service. All in one. I just determine the budget and hire FSS to drive traffic to my platform.
Dmitry Kapustin
Marketing Director
To know more you can learn different Ads formats
6 Reasons to choose us
Save you time
Simply choose the package. You don't need to sign up with dozens of merchants except FS.
Professional team
Hiring FSS you get a team of professionals on board with mutual experience more than 10 years in Advertising.
Mobile advantage
Mobile Ads are more accurate and deliverable. Mobile phone is the mostly usable device today.
FSS Support
We are always providing you with quality support and reports during Ads campaign.
User friendly
FSS is simple. You are able to start within 2-5 business days and acquire new customers.
Online service
Discuss, coordinate and run advertising without leaving the officeю
Our Basic packages
The best value for your money + some additional benefits
START 2500 Euro
  • 1 Campaign
  • 4 Platforms
  • 10 Native Ads
  • E-mail support
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BUSINESS 10 000 Euro
  • 3 campaigns
  • 12 platfroms
  • up to 50 Native Ads
  • Personal manager support
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Advertising products and services in mobile applications requires a separate approach and its own advertising campaign. Simple duplication of contextual advertising for display in mobile devices is ineffective.
Mobile applications have their own ad formats and display scripts to consider. We help to Determine the target audience, select the advertising channel and formats. For maximum efficiency, we use modern user engagement methods. Choose FSS to get higher ROI and Advertising effect.

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